Not ready to dive into a full in-person workshop or sign up for a membership but you still want to learn from me? No worries! I've got you covered with my single serve exclusive videos! Dive into a family session or get the details to my methods on setting up a studio for family portraits for newborns, even check out a few of my newborn sessions. There is something here for everyone!

Looking to hear from Rachel herself?

This Black Friday I'm launching my very first online mentoring video calls! Here you'll be able to talk with me ONE on ONE about anything your struggling with.  Get advice on how to set up your studio, show me some poses your struggling, get my feed back on your images or a location your struggling to light! Ask me anything! These calls are designed to give you that extra missing piece to get it just right!  

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Come hang out with me while I photograph a family of seven for a sunset session in Indiana! This video focuses heavy on posing, prompts and my session flow! 

In this nearly uncut video you’ll watch my entire process, including what I bring to every session, how I use an assistant, what to do when kids melt down and my MOST asked question: 

How do you get seven people in focus while shooting wide open?

By the time you’re done watching this hour long video, you’ll know the ins and outs of Rachel’s bag of tricks, her intentional posing and see how she is able to guarantee larger galleries that keep her clients coming back every year, and a waiting list over a hundred families deep!

Family Fly on the Wall


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Family Fly on the Wall 

In this family 50 minute Fly on the Wall video (originally a part of the 2016 Milky Way Retreat that has since been retired!), you’ll be able to watch Rachel work with four families from the full Family eWorkshop (these portions are not found in the full eWorkshop)...a family with only one child, a family with two children, three children and then quadruplet boys! You’ll get a glimpse into how she interacts with toddler aged littles all the way up to teenagers, and see how she positions clients during the golden hour, cloudy sessions and after the sun has set.

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In this 40 minute video, you’ll observe the following poses:

Tucked in Tight
With an Older Teenage Sibling
Grouping of 5 Siblings
Grouping of 4 Brothers
Grouping of a Family of 7
Tummy Time in a Prop


 MacKallin Fly on the Wall

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In this 30 minute video, you can watch the following:

Setting up the prop for Forward Facing
Her transition from the beanbag to the Forward Facing prop
Positioning the Potato Sack wrap in a prop
*Note this video does NOT contain the actual Potato Sack wrap. Erin Tole created the method she uses and you can find her wrap tutorials on her website! 

Awake wrapping/posing
Macro posing/shooting
This is a very simple video with no voiceovers, but simply Rachel working as normal! I hope it helps with your future newborn sessions! 

Short Fly on the Wall

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In this video that’s just under two hours, you’ll watch Rachel through seven bean bag poses, transition to a prop and pose a three generational set up (grandmother, mother and daughter). She will then go over the best way to get babies to sleep solidly, while also not stressing out parents, yourself or the baby.

She is wearing a mic the entire session, describing what she is doing as she goes! 

Long Fly on the Wall 

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