This is a year of exploring new ways to help photographers grow, and while we have the Collective, fully digital workshops like the the Newborn + Family Bootcamps, you may just want to pick my actual brain and have a one on one conversation about your struggles. This could be anything from portfolio review, location scouting, lighting issues, posing problems or taking a hard look at the health of your actual business and/or marketing!

I’ve never been a one and done educator, whether it’s an in person workshop or online courses — I’ve always been heavy handed in following up with anyone I’ve taught. Learning from me does not end when the workshop is over or your membership expires…I don’t know how to stress enough that I care so very much about anyone who comes to me for learning.

So I’m making myself accessible to YOU, with 1:1 video calls via Google Meet, but not just one per person, each sign up will come with homework plus a follow-up call -- to really make sure you're thriving!

1:1 mentoring

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How it works

Before the call, you’ll send me what your problem areas are, it could be images you need me to review, editing, posing or just share with me your business struggles. Not only will I record a detailed review for you to keep, but I’ll be ready and be able to make the most of our one hour call! 

You can bring me into your studio, your favorite outdoor location, or just hang out at your desk with me and get to the bottom of your biggest struggles. We’ll set these up with multiple available times, including mornings, evenings, weekdays and weekends to accommodate different timezones and schedules.

After our first call, I’ll have a detailed homework plan for you! You’ll be able to go through this checklist and then report back during our second call. I’ll review the changes you’ve made, pointing out the improvements and highlighting any additional areas for you to work on!

If you’re not already a Collective member, this 1:1 call will also get you into our private (and active!) Facebook group, where you’ll be able to reach out to me and other photographers for support moving past our second call!

The calls will  be coordinated to fit in with both of our schedules, I just ask that the second call be within three months! Once purchased you will get a calendar link if these dates don't work for you please reach out.

1:1 Mentoring Calls

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