Not ready to dive into a full course or membership? No worries! I've got you covered with my free sample videos! Get a sneak-peek into a family session or a few method details on my most requested newborn poses. There is something here for everyone!

The FREE Inclusive Photographers Library focuses on my heart's work; educating photographers on how to be inclusive when photographing individuals and families with different abilities, special needs, and who are medically fragile. This resource relies solely on the photographers, videographers, volunteers, and families who donated their time and materials for any photographer to learn from anywhere at anytime.

My hope is that this free Library will not only change the way photographers approach photographing families and individuals with disabilities or medical needs, but will also be a source for those families to find and book a photographer who has taken the time to educate themselves on ALL kinds of families.

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Purchasing one of my courses gives you access to my member's only group? Yes, that means even these FREE courses grants you entry too!

This is a group for all of us to come together and help each other out! We are a community of over 2000 members that you can grow with, get monthly CC from me, and ask our guest instructors questions!

From time to time, I love to pop in LIVE during my sessions and show a quick tip or answer members' questions. If you are interested in what these videos look like check out this free course. 

 Take a seat for the live recorded version of the Womb Pose which is part of our Newborn Deconstruction Series. A growing series that has been covering every pose I do for newborn sessions in the order of my workflow! This free course gives a glimpse into how I accomplished this sweet pose. To see the full version, join the Collective membership and head straight over to the Newborn Deconstruction Series section!

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I know that’s a weird word in these times, but seriously, a baby is always a reason to celebrate! If the world needs anything right now, it’s a reason to smile, and your new little miracle is a great reason for that! 

This booklet was put together as a FREE resource, so my clients, and other photographers’ clients, could document this time in their lives while under quarantine. This isn’t intended for photographers and I won’t be covering posed newborn sessions, as I believe most professional equipment and training is needed for those sleepy/posed newborn photos! 

If you’re looking to capture some sweet images of your new little one at home -- this booklet is perfect for you, and I hope it will help you be able to document all those sweet moments of your little human’s life! Enjoy!

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Photographing your baby during

Meet up with Rachel at her favorite location in this small video portion of her family deconstruction series inside the Collective membership. Rachel will focus on how to ensure her clients’ faces are lit properly while backlighting during golden light, along with posing!

Check out this preview of Guest Feature Sherry-lynne photography teaching over newborn sibling posing with different young age groups! In the full video Sherry-lynne not only teaches her methods on sibling posing but also her wrapping and lighting techniques. This hour long video is a MUST see inside the Collective membership!



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