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I'm so glad you're here! Below you will find all of our courses ranging from my non-collective videos, to some past collective guest features and even resources like my prep packets to help aid clients for successful sessions. This is a great place to break into some learning without committing to the membership plan (but let me tell you that thing is packed full of the most up to date goodness). Once you purchase one of the single courses (not a membership) you will have lifetime access to watch and re-watch those teachings. They are yours to keep! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to my team in the contact form below. 


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Looking to hear from Rachel herself?

This Black Friday I'm launching my very first online mentoring video calls! Here you'll be able to talk with me ONE on ONE about anything your struggling with.  Get advice on how to set up your studio, show me some poses your struggling, get my feed back on your images or a location your struggling to light! Ask me anything! These calls are designed to give you that extra missing piece to get it just right!  

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Not sure which eLearning course is right for you? Why not join the membership and check out 30+ videos of the most up-to-date teachings! Memberships are only $35 a month and you can cancel anytime! 

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The FREE Inclusive Photographers Library focuses on my heart's work; educating photographers on how to be inclusive when photographing individuals and families with different abilities, special needs, and who are medically fragile. This resource relies solely on the photographers, videographers, volunteers, and families who donated their time and materials for any photographer to learn from anywhere at anytime.

My hope is that this free Library will not only change the way photographers approach photographing families and individuals with disabilities or medical needs, but will also be a source for those families to find and book a photographer who has taken the time to educate themselves on ALL kinds of families.

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