This year I launched what may be my favorite workshop ever — See the Light workshops — since I believe the absolute foundation to photography is lighting! 

If your babies look orange, dull or dark — it’s a lighting issue.
If you’re backlighting subjects on a sunny day, but their faces aren’t illuminated — it’s a lighting issue.
If you’re spending hours editing to brighten your subjects faces — guess what! It’s a lighting issue.

See the light
Digital workshop

Without lighting, good lighting, every single step in the photography process is going to be harder, and you’ll never achieve the results you want by spending hours correcting bad lighting.

I’ve been teaching posing for both newborns and families for over a decade, and while those methods are vital to photography, they will leave your images feeling amateur without good light. So, what’s a photography educator to do? Create an entirely new, light intensive workshop that goes over, over and over again how to see the light starting with;

How to proper light your subjects 
Types of good / bad lighting
Using PLM strobes, natural light and LED lighting

Outdoor lighting with a wide span of times, subjects, locations and weather conditions

If you ever wanted to get a peak at what it's like to attend an in-person workshop this digital workshop is your virtual front row seat. You’ll be a fly on the wall as my in-person attendees share their struggles when it comes to lighting and get their “light bulb” moment in real time. That will be followed by a portfolio review of their work, where I point out their strengths, and common lighting problems that I see often. 

You’ll get to submit your own images as well to get feedback from me during the first 3 months of 2024 as you go through this digital workshop.

Not only will you get lifetime access plus a 20+ page digital workbook and you’ll also get a chance to join in my live Q & A at the end of January and final test with a certificate of achievement upon passing.


-3 core video lesson units
coving all things studio, natural and outside lighting
+ video footage of my first ever in-person See The Light Workshop
-two Collective membership video excerpts over lighting and location
-20 page digital lighting workbook

-guided exercises

-quizz & final test

-life time access
-CC from me! 

**While we do not offer any refunds after purchase due to the nature of digital content, we will be happy to troubleshoot any problems or questions you may have**


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