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Photography 101:

The Foundations

Over the last three years in the Collective, I have taught both fresh and seasoned photographers looking to grow their business and find new/innovative inspiration to advance their skills. As the Collective grew I realized there was a serious lack of accessibility to those who were starting in this industry from ground zero!

Not only was there a missing seat at the table for beginners but far too many advanced photographers were still struggling with consistency due to missing foundational pieces that were never available to them. I would see amazing work one minute, and then images that missed the mark completely, leaving photographers spiraling into a state of frustration and burnout. I knew I had to create a course that would bridge the gap, and this year my team and I set out to do just that! 

The Photography 101 Series is an innovative program designed to grow with multiple lessons that meet any beginning photographer or slightly seasoned one exactly where they are on the learning curve - even those who don't own a camera yet! I’ll be teaching everything I know about how to get started in this industry, from camera bodies to iPhone photography, settings, focus, and outdoor lighting! This series has it all to find your way into the vast world of photography! Consider this program your stepping stone to the Collective monthly program. 

While the Photography 101 Series is not exactly a membership it’s not a one-and-done course either! Over the next few years, I’ll be adding courses to this program that will be purchasable to 101 Members at a discount, and any new photographers down the road. Covering all the foundations to start you off on the right foot or to fill in the steps you might have missed along the way!

The first video in the 101 Series; The Foundations, is my most packed teaching video on the basics. This course is great for those who have zero ideas for how to work the settings on their DSLR camera or what the exposure triangle is. I’ll be taking you for a deep dive into all the logistics then teaching you how to put that skill to work with the key components of natural light positioning. The Foundations are filled to the brim with key information that would help both brand new and advanced photographers who might be missing some important steps to really nail down their skill. 

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Do you ever wish you could make time stand still for just a little longer? What I wouldn’t give to rock my babies once more and to soak up their cheesy little grins. As my oldest leaves the nest, I’m flooded with the memories of her childhood while looking back at all the photos I have taken over the years. Every parent deserves to have these types of images, the ones that capture all of their tiny details and personalities as they grow up. 
While having professional photos are amazing, I wanted to help parents celebrate and remember all the in-between moments too! From your newborn’s sweet smile, your toddler's first steps, the holidays, wiggly teeth, and all the other milestones leading up to graduation.
That’s why this Mother’s Day I’ve launched an all-new series that teaches parents and caregivers how to take better photos of their own kids at home! 
Kicking off this new series geared for parents and hobbyists, I’ll walk you through how to get the most out of your space using available light. Then, we’ll go over how to pose your little one and set your entry-level DSLR camera or Smart Phone for the best angles that highlight your little one’s features. 
Included in this video is a guide to help you follow along and look back on while you put what you’ve learned into action. Additionally, this course has a group discussion board where you can ask me questions along with other parents learning alongside you! 
Treat yourself this Mother’s Day with a gift that will prove priceless in the years to come!

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In Home Guide to
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Be Your Own Photographer

I'm Rachel, your 101 instructor! I live in the good old heart of Indianapolis with my husband, Nick and our little trio of children, Brynn, Nicholas and Josie. I'm always cold, nearly always barefoot, passionate about newborn safety, oversized t-shirts and helping others. I hate cancer, working out and cucumbers (but pickles are cool).

In 2007, I was a stay at home mom who had a knack for using my Konica Minolta camera to take photos of my two (now 3) young children. That hobby slowly bloomed into a small photography business and I took up my first ever client via Craigslist in the spring of 2008. Ten years later, my passion to help other photographers turn hobbies into businesses and businesses into successful careers has been the driving force in creating the industry’s top source of online education.

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