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If I had to pick one thing about being a photography educator that I love, its watching the light bulb moments during workshops…but the worst part about workshops is the fact that they’re limited to one to two days. Can you imagine if, as a child, you had one day to figure out cursive writing? Or in high school they introduced the Pythagorean Theorem on Monday, and by Wednesday you were tested on it and moving on to the next chapter?

It’s 2023, so a year of college courses covering photography probably is excessive (and most likely would be wrought with outdated teachings), but what if you could get a grasp on the fundamentals of photography — specifically in this course family photography — in two months?

Last year, I rolled out my first ever 60 day intensive Newborn Bootcamp, and I don’t think I could have dreamed how perfect it was going to go. Each student submitted specific lighting, posing and styling images for a pre-class assessment, and I reviewed each and every image giving feedback and most importantly, goals to set for our 2 month long course.

 60 day family Bootcamp

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weekly curriculum

I was blown away by the transformations, whether it was the graded work, weekly access to me through video office hour calls, or piece by piece, broken down videos building on skills to transition into the next steps, in nearly 15 years of teaching, I had never seen growth like I was seeing with the first 40 students in the Newborn Bootcamp.

So now it’s time to apply the same educational structure to one of my favorite topics -- lighting non-newborn subjects and how that ties into location scouting and in home shooting. Then following that up with a family posing flow that makes sense for all families and photographers, along with interacting, prompts for different ages and stages, and then finally editing.

For Black Friday, you can grab one of the limited spots for $499 — that includes the two months of weekly videos, live demonstrations (both indoor and outdoor lighting), live Q&A, bi-weekly virtual office hours, a digital workbook that corresponds with each weeks’ lessons, pre-class assessments, homework, a graded final and a certificate of completion!

Guys, I’m so excited about this…the only bad thing is that I have to wait until the weather is good for this class to start! So in May of 2024, the first Family Bootcamp will launch, just in time to blow your clients away with your growth for busy season, or if you’re a new photographer — a chance to start your career with skills I only wish were available to learn in 2008 when I started.

-split ghoul
-Flat light
-Green casting
-2 homework assignments
-lighting cheatsheet
-lighting quiz
-Individual review / assignment 
-Online live lighting + Q&A 
-Open office hours via Zoom 

-Finding the 4 types of light
in 3 different locations
-time stamping / sun mapping
-lighting verse Scenic location
-location workbook
-location review submissions of your choice

-Rachel's Methods Workbook
-Setting focal points
posing for shallow depth
-camera settings
-methods test
-Live Teaching 
Open office hours via Zoom

Babies to toddlers
older kids and teens
posing homework
posing quiz
Open office hours via Zoom

Posing flow for one child
2-4 kids
5 plus kids
Extended family 
posing homework
posing quiz
Open office hours via Zoom 

-photographing different body types
-entire workflow reference guide
-Live family fly on the wall 
-Open office hours via Zoom

Collective Editing videos
Pre-test quiz
Open office hours
Live facebook group Q and A 

-Put in to action shoot what you have learned
-Each category submission for review 
-Exit CC individual video review 
-Open office hours via Zoom 

Private students only Facebook group
Life-time access to the class material Mobile access
Periodic CC and feedback 

Bonus for everyone

48 hour response for questions
graduate website badge
bootcamp certification

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