The Collective is a one of a kind membership-based program that brings new, educational content from not only Rachel Vanoven herself, but other industry creatives and business specialists to empower your work and grow your business.

Inside the Collective you'll find hours of video, and fresh faces each month that will challenge you to think outside of the box and break into new techniques within your photography career. The Collective teachings are filmed closely to their release dates so you'll always be getting the most up-to-date methods and latest innovations around!

Whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to make your next big move or just stepping into the industry, the Collective has resources for all walks of photography that will launch you into your dream business for only $35 a month! Get ready to change the game and exceed your goals!

The Collective

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Sept. 6th 2023

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Set your self up for success! Rachel's newborn and family prep packets are designed to set expectations for your clients and guide them into an easy and stress free session before the shoot.

With over 20 pages of information curated from a decade of experience, Rachel shares everything in how to prepare your clients best, giving you the results of your dreams. 

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This month inside the Collective!

Whitley Ny'kole

We're super stoked to jump into September with a fresh guest feature all the way from South Carolina, introducing Whitley Ny'Kole!

Whitley is a newborn photographer specializing in nude and neutral set designs. In this video she will teach us why understanding your clients undertones matter when working with neutral styling. She will show you how to properly pick the correct shades and hues of creams / earth tones for each unique client.

Join us for this in-depth video as Whitley styles not one, but two adorable newborns and captures a stunning momma portrait in this month's feature! 



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Rachel Vanoven

I'm Rachel your regular monthly teacher! I live in the good old heart of Indianapolis with my husband, Nick and our little trio of children, Brynn, Nicholas and Josie. I'm always cold, nearly always barefoot, passionate about newborn safety, oversized t-shirts and helping others. I hate cancer, working out and cucumbers (but pickles are cool).

In 2007, I was a stay at home mom who had a knack for using my Konica Minolta camera to take photos of my two (now 3) young children. That hobby slowly bloomed into a small photography business and I took up my first ever client via Craigslist in the spring of 2008. Ten years later, my passion to help other photographers turn hobbies into businesses and businesses into successful careers has been the driving force in creating this industry’s top source of online education. 

Each month you'll be seeing me in a brand new video. My videos- while primarily focused on newborns and families, will cover a wide range of topics like posing, studio light, natural light, location, editing, styling and so much more. Plus, I'll be diving in to more eclectic styles from time to time to show you guys how I keep my work developing. All of my teaching videos
 (20+ and counting ) for the Collective stay available inside your membership for as long as you are an active member, along side guest features!  Not sure if you're ready for the membership? Take a test drive of the collective and join a free class below!

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Over 2,000 members and growing! You'll have access to our exclusive  members only group to grow together, get monthly CC and ask our guest instructors all your questions!


newest methods


No more outdated learning, the world of photography is fast paced- which is why you'll get two monthly videos filled with the most recent and relevant teaching content around!

We bring you education from industry leaders around the globe - some who have been perfecting their art for decades,  Along with teachers who are new to the industry, giving you fresh innovative content each month!

Not only does the Collective teach about photography, but our guest content can range from business, marketing, videography and so much more—all aimed at growing your business!


Collective videos range from full-length sessions, to step by step tutorials that break down lighting details, in depth posing, editing and so much more! Along with quizzes and BONUS printables!”

Each month along with the guest feature, Rachel releases her own teaching video which stays up inside your membership for as long as you stay a member!

Rachel Vanoven

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What's Inside the Collective?

What makes the Collective


Simply put...EVERYTHING makes this program different, but our favorite part is the adaptive way we serve up fresh content each month. Most online courses will start you at the beginning of the program filmed years ago, leaving you with an ever-evolving gap between you and your peers in this industry. 

Having relevant content has been a huge problem in the online education world, which is why so many photographers will take course after course and still feel like they are two steps behind. 

Unlike most online courses, the Collective is filmed a couple of months before the release dates with the most current methods trending in the industry instead of starting at you at square one. Inside the Collective you will still have backlog access to all of my recent teachings so you can brush up on past methods while also getting the most current released education for each new month freshly filmed. 

The Collective strives to get you the results and skills that are happening in the NOW! Consider this your time machine to a blooming career! 

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Want to expand your learning outside of the online classroom? Check out my in-person workshops! From observation styled Fly on the Wall workshops to intensive hands-on posing two day classes, I put my heart and soul into making sure that everyone leaves with their questions answered, problems solved, and skills exponentially increased.

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