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Not ready to dive into the full Collective membership? No worries! I've got you covered! Take a test drive and purchase one of our favorite past guest feature video lessons from the Collective membership! Keep in mind members get over 50% off all of these guest videos!  Dive into a maternity session or learn something new like videography, even check out a few guest photographer videos on family sessions. With a wide range of more eclectic sessions types, there's  something here for everyone!

Guest Feature Videos!

Erin Tole

Have you ever had a sitter session that seemed like a total flop? We have all been there, where the little one just isn’t the biggest fan, mom is anxiously trying to help and it just doesn’t seem like you’ll walk away with anything to show for it. While these sessions can be extremely difficult, Erin is here to share that they aren’t a total loss and you can rally through to still achieve some great images even if the little one isn’t a smiley one. 

In this 2 for 1 double feature combo, you’ll not only get to learn how Erin works with a difficult session but also learn her newborn editing workflow and process.

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Sitter Session

In this feature, Georg will be taking you on a journey to learn the fundamentals of turning your DSLR camera into a full-fledged video camera while he shows you how he made the video above. He will walk you through how to set up your camera before the shoot, how to “think” video while in action and get those creative shots to convey a story, and finally how to make your way through post-production with professional editing software. 

If you want to take the leap to make a career out of filming clients, add video to your photography business, or even just make better videos of your own family, this is a wonderful method of self-expression and a great skill set to have in the age of social media and internet video.

Videographer for Photographers

Georg Beyer  

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I'm Brigette Schaffarzick, the photographer behind Penguin Pictures. I specialize in Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photography in the Pacific Northwest, as well as mentor, teach and speak to fellow photographers across the country. You'll most likely find me dancing with families at sunset up in the mountains or cuddling babies in my Farm House Studio. I'm obsessed with light, joy and authentic connections. You’ll notice I’m not your typical “smile for the camera” type of photographer. Trained and worked as a photojournalist, I’m much more interested in capturing authentic moments than forcing smiles! I’m VERY laid back, and most of my clients would tell you that my sessions feel much more like a play date than a typical photo-shoot. I strive to get families to LAUGH and PLAY and then be there to capture it all. My goal at every session is to create lasting memories and photos that ooze love and connection; photos that families will cherish forever!

I hope this deep dive into my methods on family photography helps you embrace shooting in tricky outdoor lighting situations and grow your work in a unique and diverse way!


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Family Sessions

Hillary Kaye

Hillary Kaye is a Denver, CO photographer. Her featured video, released in September 2019, highlights the intimate bonds of family, while illuminating the aesthetic nature of a mountain terrain. She will teach you all the tricks to getting that authentic moment captured. Hillary also offers 1:1 mentoring and actions available to purchase. 

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Family Sessions

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