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The Family 


Then splash into the creek with Tessa Jill photography as she teaches her unique style of family portraits by having her clients engage with the environment to capture their personalities. Tessa takes us to her favorite, nearly secluded creek location! She walks us through the spectacular outdoor area as she explains why and where she shoots to achieve the best lighting in this one-of-a-kind location. Tessa also goes over the gear she uses, what she loves about it and how it works best for her style. You will be able to witness her entire session while learning all of her tips and tricks with a family of four, in and out of the creek! Yes, creek sessions can get messy but, Tessa shows us how to let the mess happen and make it a blast while creating naturally curated timeless images!

As a bonus, Tessa will be providing us with a FREE Photoshop Action set! You can download and follow along with her editing video as Tessa shows you how she uses her actions to make her already phenomenal images stand out among the rest!

Are you stuck on repeat when working with the same families each year? In my triple family feature (two shooting videos and one editing video), you’ll learn how I keep each session fresh for my yearly repeat clients at the SAME location using the SAME posing flow.

 First, I’ll share what I look for when picking a dynamic location you’ll want to keep using year after year. Then, I'll run through how I create variety within my images each year while still using my same tried and true posing flow. The key to my repeat family clients is consistency! I keep my subjects the focus of the session, building up their confidence and using prompts to create opportunities for their growing personalities to shine through.


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Have you struggled with creating a consistent look between strobe and natural light? I've got you with my most-watched video of all time from the Collective right inside this bundle lighting goodness!!!

In my lighting course, I cover everything from strobe lighting to studio natural light. I break down each strobe position to help you master your strobe light with techniques I've created like the pizza angle along with proper feathering and so much more.

Once you’ve got your studio mastered, jump over to Natasha Megan’s newborn video to learn her complete flow of backlighting newborns, family, sibling posing and her editing process!

Now after you’ve got the studio light on lock, it’s time to get creative! Gagan Dhiman’s outdoor teaching features his process, working with harsh and direct sunlight to create the most stunning and unique engagement images for his clients. 

The Lighting



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The Newborn 


If there was ever a question I get asked most it is, “How do you get baby to sleep every single session?” The answer….my Unsoothing Method! In this collective newborn bundle sampler, I share my magic on how I approach a wide-awake newborn into sleeping for their poses.

Included in this bundle, is how to perfect the Tucked in Tight and Huckfinn poses which are just two of the 20+ step-by-step pose breakdowns that I offer inside the Collective monthly membership!

To top this bundle off, I’ve included a Natural Studio Light video! This video teaches family posing with a newborn in a lifestyle setting using only a window for light! This bundle is a great peek into what The Collective membership is all about! 


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The Collective



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Studio Takeover with Lane Lewis Photography + Photography 101: The Foundations

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The Whole



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The Family 


While all those things probably make for a beautiful image— if your clients show up in white t-shirt and jeans, your images are going to fall short. 

Styling your clients and guiding them into picking out the right colors, texture, and style for their family is a huge part of every session,
which is why I invited Heather Kiesel to teach you all about her styling process for clients! She’ll walk you through the process of styling two families, one with teenagers and another with small children, so you can pass that knowledge on to your own clients and create timeless images that feel effortless!

Lastly, I’ll wrap up this all-encompassing family bundle with my batch editing workflow. From culling a session, to editing in ACR and then the final actions in Photoshop, you’ll see how I can deliver 200-600 (yes, SIX HUNDRED) images and have them done the day of the session!

This is the motherload bundle for family photographers!

What if I told you that your struggle with family session lighting has NOTHING to do with your lens, your camera or even the location? It has everything to do with where you place your clients—and I can’t wait to walk you through exactly how I get perfect skin tones, exposure and golden light!

This video is a part of our Family Deconstruction Series in the Collective and that means it is an in depth breakdown of everything you need to know about what I’m looking for in terms of lighting my clients. I use this method around the world! So if you’re not shooting in a field in Indiana—that’s fine! I’ve shot on the beaches of Australia, the canals of Venice, the deserts of Phoenix and even on Gypsy land in Portugal—and every time this is going to be what I’m looking for!

On top of the secret to great lighting, you’ll get to watch me interact, pose and give prompts to this family of four!

Once you’ve mastered location, light, and posing you have hit the trifecta of creating family images right?


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Guest Collective instructor, Sherry-Lynn of Sherry-Lynn photography took on the daunting task of being filmed while toddler wrangling at a newborn session!

Anyone can photograph a compliant, happy older sibling with their new baby brother or sister. But what about a toddler who doesn’t want to sit still or be near the baby? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this video that also covers her lighting, settings, wrapping, and posing with pre-teens as well as one wild toddler—you’ll be amazed at the resulting shot!

The last video in this bundle is an entire newborn session being edited, start to finish! Learn how to get your life back and give your clients short turn around times, while still preserving the quality of your work!

I’ve taken some of the most challenging parts of newborn sessions and put them into a bundle for photographers who want to level up their work when it comes to newborns! 

First up, the froggy pose! In this video I’ll answer all the usual questions like:

 ⁃ How many beans are too many beans? 
 ⁃ Where do I put the light?
 ⁃ Why can’t I get baby to keep their hands under their chin?
 ⁃ How do I make this composite believable?

This video is a part of our Newborn Deconstruction series in the Collective, so that makes it the most in depth froggy pose video around! I break this pose down step by step so you get to see every detail slowly unfold to help you make it a part of every session!

The next video in this bundle tackles another potentially tough part of any newborn shoot — incorporating older siblings, particularly TODDLERS. . .

The Newborn



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Our final video in the Collective Flight is another favorite! Lexy Parks is known for her stunning self portraits, and you can watch this video and get into her thought process for creating her beautiful images. So many of our Collective members have taken this video and used their new self portrait skills to take their own headshots—a tool that is so important when it comes to social media and interacting with your potential clients!

If you’re wondering what exactly goes on inside the Collective (hint: it’s definitely not just newborn and family videos!) the Collective Flight is a great way to get a sampling of not only the diverse content we cover, but how in depth these videos are shot, making you feel like you’re right there with the instructors and you can walk away with a wealth of knowledge and skill!

This bundle includes TWO videos from me (Rachel Vanoven), the first being a newborn video focusing on traditional parent posing in the studio. I’ll cover baby with both mom and dad separately, then two types of poses incorporating both parents together with their new little one!

Our first guest instructor for the Collective Flight is our lead videographer himself, and the creator behind “Let’s Go Fernweh” - Georg Beyer! This was hands down the Collective members’ favorite video of 2020 - and was chock full of in depth education to teach how you can incorporate video either in your personal life or as an option for clients to add!

The Collective



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We bring you education from industry leaders around the globe - some who have been perfecting their art for decades,  Along with teachers who are new to the industry, giving you fresh innovative content each month!

Not only does the Collective teach about photography, but our guest content can range from business, marketing, videography and so much more—all aimed at growing your business!


Collective videos range from full-length sessions, to step by step tutorials that break down lighting details, in depth posing, editing and so much more! Along with quizzes and BONUS printables!”

Each month along with the guest feature, Rachel releases her own teaching video which stays up inside your membership for as long as you stay a member!

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