See the Light

October 19th 2023
Brookville, Indiana
$400 retainer to reserve your seat
Total Due: $950 USD
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Head to my hometown of Brookville, Indiana for a deep dive into lighting! We’ll be covering studio light, natural indoor lighting, lifestyle lighting and outdoor family session lighting. In this first of it’s kind workshop, I’ll spend the entire time teaching not only how to see the light, but the formula to help you create it or find it by location scouting.

We’ll start in my studio, with each attendee having time to share their struggles when it comes to lighting. That will be followed by a portfolio review where I point out everyone’s strengths, and give them individual “homework” for the class, areas they need to focus on!

At the studio, we’ll go over newborn lighting with a posing doll — emphasizing how important posing is, along with where the light itself is positioned both in proximity to our subjects and the angle, height that it’s coming from! Along with newborn lighting, we’ll also have a model client for a mommy and me session to cover natural lighting, and how the placement and settings may differ from studio lighting.

All of this foundational ground work is leading up to how we apply what we learned indoors and take that outside — first for a session in the park closer to midday. I get that not every photographer is comfortable shooting only at sunset, or certain sessions/events may need to be shot when the lighting is more harsh. So we are going to cover how you can find locations that manipulate the light to look softer and give your subjects a beautiful glow!

After a short break for an early dinner, each attendee will have time to get ready for some updated headshots! Everyone will have a chance to take turns being both model and photographer — I think it’s so important to be well rounded when it comes to seeing good light and bad light, and this will be a way to help see it!

After headshots, we’ll shoot a family session. Understanding lighting in both cloudy and sunny situations is SO important, so either weather situation we end with, this portion will be packed full of in depth lighting information.

As the day winds to a close, we’ll have the opportunity to gather at my studio and go over what we learned today, and answer any final questions! All attendees will leave this workshop with a free month to the Collective, 4 videos to keep, and a lighting workbook that we’ll be using throughout the day!

See the Light


see the light

Workshop Itinerary

9:30am- portfolio review 
10:30am- workbook review
11:00am- studio light / natural light newborn doll
12:00am- toddler model studio 
1:00pm- light lunch ( included) 
2:30pm- teen model mid day light break out
4:00pm-hair and make up touch up
4:30pm- Headshots 
5:45pm - family 
7:00pm- Sunset time done optional dinner
8:00pm Rachel hang out image review 

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