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Over the past four years, the Collective has been the key to success for thousands of photographers—and while the monthly videos provide education and insight into what it takes to create beautiful portraits, I want to give even more for those of you who want to dig deeper and push yourselves further!

I've created industry-leading online courses that teach my most sought-after methods while also providing in-person training around the world…but what if I could blur the lines between in-person workshops and online education?

Being a leading educator has never been a title I’ve taken lightly, and in my drive to truly help other photographers succeed, I’ve decided the best way to do that is to come up with a course that brings online education the missing elements of a more in-person / hands-on approach into what makes beautiful, consistent photos.

60 day newborn

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I'm launching an intensive online Bootcamp program that’s designed to combine the best parts of the Collective videos with a more individualized group experience to bridge the learning gap, allowing more photographers to have a personalized educational experience.

The 60-day online Newborn Bootcamp features over 12 in-depth Collective videos that will be broken down with voiceovers, additional video content, written guides, cheat sheets, tests, Q&A, and LIVE training sessions where you can ask questions.

I’ll be doing everything in my power to create a remote hands-on experience. These videos are MEANT to be watched in your studio, practicing along!

This training will be intense and it requires you to hand over your time and push yourself past what most online education asks…but if you give me 60 days, I’ll give you all the tools you need to transform your newborn photography.

Kick off 2023 on the right foot, class starts January 2nd but you can reserve your spot now during my Black Friday Sale starting November 23rd! Spots are limited to only 50 students. 


Purchase for $499 

Purchase for $499

Class curriculum

Lighting Intensive Weeks 1 & 2

Collective Lighting video
studio light test 
studio light guide
Lighting CC submissions / brief work review
Online live lighting practice session with Rachel + Q&A
Collective natural light newborn video
Natural light guide
Natural light test
Downloadable lighting workbook
Lighting cheat sheet 

Rachel’s Methods Week 3

 Collective Unsoothing method video
 Collective Bean placement video
 Collective Assistant training video
Methods guide / cheat sheet
Methods test
Bean placement cheat sheet guide

Newborn posing flow week 4-5

Collective Deconstruction Videos:
- froggy
- timber
- womb
- tummy time
- side sleeper / in a prop
- macros
- huckfinn
- facing forward
-  facing forward in a prop
Written guide / Workflow cheat sheet
Bonus video commentary from Rachel 
Posing test

Parent Posing week 6

Collective video excerpts: mom + baby
Collective video excerpts: dad + baby
Collective video excerpts: dad +mom baby
Collective video excerpts: dad +mom + sibling baby
Collective video excerpts: sibling + baby
Written guide
Workflow cheat sheet
Posing test
Bonus video commentary from Rachel 

Study / practice Week 7

Put in to action Shoot what you have learned
Live newborn with Rachel 
Live Q and A
Open office hours for questions

submissions and review Week 8

Put in to action shoot what you have learned
Each category submission for review
Exit CC / Live Q & A


Private students only Facebook group
24 hour response for questions
1 month follow up
graduate website badge
Life-time access to the class material
Mobile access

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3 monthly payments of $166.33

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